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Learn how Statements of Power can help you

     Statements are the words, part of our vocabulary what we say in our thoughts to ourselves and to others. Statements have incredible power in our life that affect our business results, sales results, communication results, relationships, money beliefs, self-talk, health, soul, mind beliefs and all aspect of our life. What creates the thoughts? The statements! It provides us the process for expressing and sharing our conversations with others and self.         

     Most of us don't realize that it is the statements, we choose by unconscious habit is affecting what we experience; in the same way how the universal law of attraction works: the cause and effect.. We habitually choose to speak negative statements unconsciously or consciously from our environment or the way we were raised or the way we were taught. By changing your old habit of negative statements from your vocabulary to the new positive statements that are in this Statements of Power pocket-sized guidebook by this you can instantly change the way you feel, think, live, and express to others and talking to self; this is how you can take control of your conscious and unconscious habits by changing the quality of your life and business. Did you know the statements spoken from others do affect you and others as well? All beings on this earth have the ability to communicate through the spoken statements from our thoughts. Statements are like magnets, picking up vibrational energies that float around everywhere. Statements are our words that have real power either for good or evil. It holds the power of life and death.

      You can change your destiny and achieve the breakthrough you want by looking up the positive statements in the Statements of Power pocket-sized guidebook and start making the changes in your life. Imagine how free, relieved and happy you would be, as you would be calm and poised in the midst of whatever is happening in your life. Think about how much physical, emotional, and mental energy you could spare, if you could avoid becoming upset, angry, depressed or moody.

      Changing statements in your thoughts will change your life!

The 'Statements of Power' pocket-sized guidebook is useful for everywhere you go. It is small enough to fit your purse or pocket to carry it with you.

  • Are you aware of the statements are you speaking to yourself and others?
  • Are you aware of the statements that affect our thoughts, communications, relationships, money beliefs, business results, sales results, health and all aspects of your life?
  • Do you take every statement from others too personally?
  • Can an insignificant statement incident destroy your whole day?
  • Are you easily affected by what people say or think about you?
  • Do you allow your statements and people to affect your life and your behavior?
  • Do you lack inner peace? Have you been wondering and struggling for a very long time as to why you have been attracting negativity to yourself and other people?

     Have you ever wondered what is BLOCKING your success in your, business/sales/communication results, relationships, spiritual health, happiness, money beliefs, prosperity, attraction, overall wellness, and other aspects of your life?


Answer: Your statements!


The good news is that "Statements of Power" pocket-sized guidebooks can help you change this situation!

Are your statements positive or negative? Find out now, take the 30 seconds quiz.

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For only $7.95!

For only $7.95!

This masterfully written pocket-sized guidebook will help you to understand and physically see that the most common statements have an inherent power, a power of one’s life and death in it whether it is in our thoughts, on cards, on-screen, messaging, on a page, spoken to a child, stranger, or ourself. Yet, we still have a lot to understand about how powerful statements can be when used incorrectly and negatively, in which it is capable undermining even at the best of intentions. When using statements correctly and positively, the statements are the first building blocks for success and inner peace, in our mind, personal relationships, business, communication results, money beliefs, happiness, health, spirituality, and every other walk of life. And it is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse to travel everywhere you go. ~Heide D ~